Dr. Estner’s introduction to chiropractic care was at about age 16, when he suffered a lower back injury. He visited a chiropractor and had near immediate relief of his pain. Over the next few years, he went for maintenance treatments, which continued throughout college. Following college, Dr. Estner became a commodities broker on Wall Street. Due to the high job stress level, he increased his chiropractic maintenance visits to one time per week. Realizing it was the stress of the job, he asked his chiropractor for some career advice. His chiropractor advised him to consider leaving commodities and become a chiropractor himself.


Dr. Christopher DiRobbio

Dr. Christopher DiRobbio

Throughout his doctoral program at Life University and beyond, Dr. Christopher DiRobbio has treated and adjusted people of all ages, from infants to the elderly. This has allowed him to develop proficiencies in diversified, drop technique, SOT, activator methods, and much more during his 17 years of chiropractic experience. After experiencing the beneficial effects of seeing a chiropractor for his own migraines, he knew he wanted to bring that same peace and improved quality of life to his own patients.

On his days off, Dr. DiRobbio enjoys a few rounds of golf and spending time with his family.

Dr. Bryan Pries

Dr. Pries studied in Illinois at the National University of Health Sciences. He returned to work in Wisconsin before making the move to Rhode Island. Dr. Pries works as a chiropractic physician, treating patients who’ve been in accidents or suffered a physical or sports-related injury. He finds nothing better than working together with someone and watching them continue to get stronger throughout their recovery.

When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Dr. Pries or cooking with his wife. Since he’s originally from Wisconsin, it’ll probably be something with cheese.

Deborah Parente at Estner Injury Centers

Deborah Parente

With a management certification from Catherine Gibbs Secretarial School, Deborah Parente took to the primary care field for over ten years before joining the team as Director of Operations. Being able to help promote the benefits of embracing a healthy lifestyle and see the positive effects it has on the patients is just one of the contributing factors that led her to pursue work in a chiropractic setting. Every day presents a fresh opportunity to grow the environment of Estner Injury Centers not only for those patients but the highly qualified as well.

Exercise aside, Deborah enjoys spending time with her friends and family or planning out that next big interior decorating project.

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